For millennia, the Sapphire Empire has ruled over the various planetoids upon which dwell the Chromians, a race of small, colorful aliens. Powerful, eternal, the Blue Emperors rule over all the Chromians, with each of them in their right place: the Blues on top, holding positions of prestige and influence; the Reds in the large factories, producing the goods that fueled the Empire’s rise; and the Greens in the fields and wetlands, growing the Empire’s food.

Other less prominent colors, such as the Purples and Cyans, also enjoyed the Imperial peace - but all was not well in the Chromian realm. The Blue rulers became decadent, oppressing the other colors to maintain its dominance. This led to the Crimson Rebellion of the Reds, while the Greens descended into violent anarchy before regrouping into warring clans.

Revolt led to riots, which turned into outright civil war. The Space Wolves, a long-faring race of interstellar weapon merchants, were only too happy to provide tools of destruction to the various factions. The three Primary Colors have been at war ever since, even though the Blues still rule over a large portion of Chromian space.

The Sapphire Empire

The mightiest and richest of the three primary colors, the Blues have access to vast resources, including an open credit line with the Space Wolves. To supplement its officers - all from the Blue aristocracy - Blues can count on conscripts from the various worlds of the Pax Sapphyri, which is good because most ordinary Blue citizens don’t really care that about for (or against) the war. By and large, they prefer to leave the actual fighting to others and enjoy the comfort of imperial life.

The Blues have led a long military campaign against the breakaway planetoids of the Crimson Rebellion, all while trying to quell further uprising in worlds they still control. They have been rather successful at limiting the Rebellion’s spread, hinting at a possible - if elusive - turning point in the war. They do not consider the Greens, who spend as much time fighting each other as they do raiding the neighboring worlds, to be a serious threat to the Empire.


The Crimson Rebellion

Borne out of a fraternal trait very common to Reds, the Crimson Rebellion started as the Garnet Convention, which then became the Scarlet Union before briefly changing its name to the Carmine Alliance, then back to the Scarlet Union and finally the current name, which seemed to have stuck. Egalitarian to the core, Reds show as much ability to cooperate in perfect harmony as they do getting bogged down on the smallest of details, such as who picks up the tab at the pub. They fight as hard as they work, but their equipment is often antiquated, and tanks can be so so patched up little of the original one remains!

While struggling agains the Blues, who have dropped their military hammer on them, the Reds have managed to make some gains against the Green raiders, pushing them back to their borders and beyond, in some cases. Whether these gains will help them against the Blues or not remains to be seen, however.

The Green Horde

For hundreds of generations the Green have been the bottom rung of Chromian society, even though they in fact helped feed the fledgling civilization that would eventually give rise to the Sapphire Empire. Greens, however, didn’t seem to mind. They worked the land, reaped its fruit for all eat, and this simple life seemed to be quite enough. The Greens’ way of life, however, became increasingly harsher as the Empire’s growth drained the land and those who worked it. The Greens began to resent the Blues, just as they increasingly envied their wealth. Thus the peaceful farmers gradually turned to contraband and banditry, forming armed clans that fought over dwindling resources, and which became ruled by powerful, ruthless warlords.

Pushed back by the concerted efforts of the Crimson Rebellion, the Greens have started to increase their raids on the rich Blue worlds, but have managed to remain relatively low on the Empire’s list of military goals. This has allowed some warlords to grow in power as they slowly wear down the mighty Sapphire throne, one little chip at a time.

How to Play

Step 1:

Using Augmented Reality Mode

Print the Marker

Step 2:

Manually activating AR Mode

Step 3:

Selecting and
Moving Units

Step 4:

Win the war!

Stay alive long enough to carry out your mission.

Step 1:

Using Augmented Reality Mode

If your device allows it, you can enjoy the full Chromian Wars experience by playing it in Augmented Reality mode. First, print the marker if you don’t already have one, and place it on a table, floor, or other available surface. Ideally you should be between 1 to 5 feet away from the marker, depending on its size (further away for bigger markers.

Make sure the surface area isn’t too cluttered (real-world object detection is an upcoming feature).

Next, hold your mobile device horizontally. Make sure the camera is in top corner and not blocked by any fingers. Take the time to find a comfortable position.

We recommend you do the Units Tutorial (Single Player → Training → Units) to get used to the Augmented Reality experience in a non-threatening environment.

Step 2:

Manually activating AR Mode

Augmented Reality mode is enabled by default on the devices where it is known to run smoothly. If you have an older device but still want to try it out, or if you’ve You must make sure the AR mode is enabled by accessing the options menu (Extras → Options → Other Options → Augmented Reality).

You can do the same if you want to deactivate Augmented Reality mode. "But why would I want to turn of AR mode when it’s so incredibly awesome?” you may ask. Well, you may want to play the game without AR if you don’t have a marker handy, if it’s too dark or if you don’t have a ready access to a flat surface. Don’t worry, the game is just as fun in non-AR mode!

Locate your units (when starting at level 1 you are part of the Blue team). The bright colored circle indicates which unit you currently control. A pale blue circle under a unit means it's under your command. You can take control of such units by touching them. You can also touch a selected unit to get info about it.

Step 3:

Selecting and Moving Units

Locate your units, which will be the blue team if you’re into Story mode (Single Player → Story). You need to advance in Story mode in order to unlock new tanks in Battle mode (Single Player → Battle).

The bright colored circle indicates which unit you currently control. You can take control of other units on your side by touching them. You can also touch and briefly hold a selected unit to get info about it. Crew members are at the top of the HUD (heads-up display). The heart icon shows whether a crew member is alive, wounded or dead. Units run better when the crew is healthy. The bottom left part of the HUD shows the unit's damage status. The unit will explode if it ever reaches zero. The bottom right part of the HUD consists of the Ammo and Reload gauges. The Ammo gauge shows the current weapon's remaining ammo, while the Reload gauge shows how long before the unit can shoot again. To move your tank, simply touch the ground where you want to go. That’s it! You can hold to have the unit follow your finger around.

Step 4:

Fighting and winning the game

Various Power-Ups will help you defeat your opponent (more on those later). Each level will provide you with a mission to accomplish. If you have a unit marked “important” (i.e. with a crown or mask icon above it), make sure you keep them alive until the end of the level - you need them alive to continue!

Power Ups

There are quite a few power-ups that will appear during the course of a battle.
Here are a few of them:

Ammo: replenishes your weapon’s ammunition
Medic: heals wounded crew members (but not if they’re dead)
Missile Launcher: unleash a powerful heat-seeking missile on your opponent
Repairs: repairs your tank (and restores some of its armor as well)

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